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​Each year, we select various trade shows and events to attend. The purpose of these shows is to afford you a better opportunity to see what we have to offer. At each show, you will find a​ helpful representative who will answer your questions and provide you the valuable information you seek about your industry.​

​2019 Tradeshow Schedule

​​Date ​Show ​Location ​Website
​February 12-13​
​Government Scientific Source
​​Los Alamos National Labs and Sandia National Labs
​March 12-15

​March 14-15
​Brussels, Belgium
​March 17-21
Philadelphia, PA​​
​March 26-28
​Forum Labo (Booth B74 - Serlabo)
​Paris, France​
​March 27
​ORWEF Water Environment School
​Clackamas Community College, OR
​May 16
​Lansing, MI
​October 8-11
Nashville, TN
​October 21-24
​Amherst, MA

​October 24/25
​Jupiter, FL