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Below are the software  / firmware downloads for our equipment. Be sure to review any readme files that accompany our downloads before proceeding with installation.
Please click the appropriate title for installation instructions on your instrument.​

Please ensure that the latest version of software has been installed prior to updating firmware.

For any questions, please contact Technical Support:

 TOC Firmware and Software

​​Instrument​​​ ​Title / Version ​Date / Revision​What Changed / Notes
​Download File
​Torch/ Fusion
TekLink Sample ID Import version 1.0.6396.21326
​7/7/2017 Rev A
  • Sample schedule setup for import of sample IDs from a LIMS generated CSV file
  • Configuring TekLink Sample ID Import Program settings
  • Import of sample IDs into the sample schedule

Lotix / Lotix with LSS / Lotix with LSS and / or TN Module

*NOTE: applies only to serial numbers prior to US17219013​

Older than serial number US17219013 will utilize software 2.0

Lotix Software & Firmware versions:
Software 3.0.6333.26559
5/2017 Rev E
  • Many improvements and changes
  • Requires upgrade kit - 15-0373-400 for Lotix manufactured serial numbers prior to US17219013

Call Technical Support for upgrade kit that includes software 800-874-2004
​Torch Software & firmware versions:

Software 1.0.6550.28113 
Main Board: 1.0.631
Analog Board: 1.1.361
​02/2018 Rev L
  • Firmware updated and improved arm movement in IC and TC-IC methods.
  • Firmware updated to deliver more precise acid volumes.
  • Required Part Number 15-3650-000: IC Sparger Liquid Transfer Line Assy, 350 uL. (Contact Technical Support for assistance 800-874-2004).

Lotix / Lotix with LSS
Lotix Software & firmware versions: 

Software 2.0.6047.20113
Firmware Valve 1.1.2169
9/2016 Rev D
  • Many improvements and changes
  • Separate communications upgrade kit available (Contact Technical Support: 800-874-2004)

Fusion Software & Firmware versions:

Firmware Main 1.2.701
9/2015 Rev N
Run without Administrator privileges and minor updates


 VOC Firmware and Software

​Instrument ​Title / Version ​Date / RevisionWhat Changes / Notes ​

​Download File

​Atomx XYZ

​Atomx XYZ Software and Firmware 

Software: 1.1.7185.20107
Firmware: Main Board:1.0.767
Valve Board: 1.0.1243
Temperature Board: 1.0.191​

  • Valco Control Box Update
  • Dilution Enhancements

Lumin Software and Firmware versions: ​

Software 1.1.6578.20515
Main Firmware 1.0.500
Temp Firmware 1.0.191
Valve Firmware 1.0.124
  • Improve localization of software text
  • Improve Mass Flow Control  (MFC) functionality
Versa Software and Firmware versions: ​

Software 1.0.4324 Rev D
ain Firmware 1.1.1266
Temp Firmware 1.0.86
GCIO Firmware 1.0.69
Motor Firmware 1.1.1895
​12/4/2017 Rev D
  • ​​​Digitally Signed drivers for Windows 7/10 64-bit & Updated User Manual

Atomx Software and Firmware versions: ​

Software 1.1.6543.30254
Main Firmware 1.2.1310
11/28/2017 Rev L
  • Software Help File has been updated
  • Firmware addresses various bugs and fixes
HT3 Software and Firmware versions: 

Software 1.2.1104
Firmware Main 1.15.260
6/2016 Rev H
Updated for updated LCD display compatibility