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Below are the most recent Software / Firmware Revisions for our equipment.  

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Note when installing Software or Firmware:
  • Be sure to review any readme files that accompany our downloads before proceeding with installation.
  • ​​Please click the appropriate title for installation instructions on your instrument.​
  • Please ensure that the latest version of software has been installed prior to updating firmware.

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​​VOC Instruments​ ​ ​ ​
​​Instrument​​​ ​Title / Version ​Date / Revision ​What Changed / Notes
​Atomx XYZ

​Atomx XYZ Software and Firmware 

Software: 1.4.8426.225607
Mainboard: 1.1.18
Valve Board 1.0.143
Temperature Board: 1.0.194
ASX-7200HR Firmware 3.0.12​
04/2023 Rev AA

  • Compatibility and function of new 6-port valve controller​

Lumin / Lumin with AquaTek LVA
Lumin Software and Firmware versions: ​

Software: 2.3.8426.25608
Lumin Mainboard: 2.1.10
Lumin Valve Board 1.0.143
Temperature Board: 1.0.194

AQUATek LVA Main Board 10.0.57

AQUATek LVA Valve Board 1.0.143
ASX-7200HR Firmware 3.0.17 ​

10/2023 - Manf. Rev AA

  • New ASX-7200HR Firmware
Atomx Software and Firmware versions: ​

Software 1.1.6543.30254
Main Firmware 1.2.1310
11/28/2017 Rev L
  • Software Help File has been updated
  • Firmware addresses various bugs and fixes

​​TOC Instruments​ ​ ​ ​​
​​Instrument​​​ ​Title / Version ​Date / Revision ​What Changed / Notes
​Torch/ Fusion
TekLink Sample ID Import version 1.0.6396.21326
​7/7/2017 Rev A
  • Sample schedule setup for import of sample IDs from a LIMS generated CSV file
  • Configuring TekLink Sample ID Import Program settings
  • Import of sample IDs into the sample schedule

Lotix / Lotix with LSS

*Lotix with Analog Board Version 2.1.55

Lotix Software version: 3.3.7431.18150
Lotix Valve Board 1.1.2169
Lotix Analog Board 2.1.55
LSS Valve Board 1.0.120
LSS Motor 2.1.2056
LSS Temperature Board 1.0.191
7/27/2020 Rev H
  • Improved TC, IC, and TC-IC methods and refined compatibility with .NET 4.8 framework
​Torch Software & firmware versions:

Software 1.0.6550.28113 
Main Board: 1.0.631
Analog Board: 1.1.361
​02/2018 Rev L
  • Firmware updated and improved arm movement in IC and TC-IC methods.
  • Firmware updated to deliver more precise acid volumes.
  • Required Part Number 15-3650-000: IC Sparger Liquid Transfer Line Assy, 350 uL. (Contact Technical Support for assistance 800-874-2004).
Lotix / Lotix with LSS

*Lotix with Analog Board Version 2.0
Lotix Software & firmware versions: 

Software 2.0.6047.20113 
Firmware Valve 1.1.2169
9/2016 Rev D
  • Many improvements and changes
  • Separate communications upgrade kit available (Contact Technical Support: 800-874-2004)
Fusion Software & Firmware versions:

Firmware Main 1.2.701
6/2020 Rev P
User manual updated