Teledyne Tekmar Introduces Two New Analytical Instruments to the Market​

MASON - March 6, 2009 

Teledyne Tekmar has introduced two new analytical instruments, the Atomx and the Torch. The Atomx Automated VOC Sample Prep System combines an Autosampler and Purge and Trap into a single instrument for the analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in soils and waters with the ability to perform methanol extractions. The Torch Combustion Total Organic Carbon (TOC) / Total Nitrogen (TN) Analyzer utilizes a patent pending Static Pressure Concentration (SPC) for the analysis of TOC/TN using high temperature combustion. These competitively priced instruments are engineered with reliable, quality and proven technology.

"Our technology has been built with more than 40 years of research and development, and proven to be effective in laboratories around the world for a wide range of analysis; from drinking and waste water to food and flavoring and pharmaceutical," said Charles Fulmer, General Manager of Teledyne Tekmar. "Our Atomx and Torch systems are by far the most innovative analytical instruments on the market, and the Atomx is unlike anything else in the industry. With its methanol extraction capabilities, it represents a quantum leap in the area of VOC sample prep systems. Our instruments help our customers perform sample analysis more effectively and efficiently while maintaining costs."

Teledyne Tekmar’s Atomx Automated VOC Sample Prep System includes the following features:

  • ​Combines an Autosampler and Purge and Trap into a single instrument for the analysis of VOCs in soils and waters.
  • First of its kind and only system that employs a unique methanol extraction automation feature for high level soils in accordance with USEPA Method 5035.
  • “Extractasol” clean-up step in the Atomx reduces carryover or cross contamination normally associated with high-level water or soil analysis.
  • A new Standard Dosing Valve provides the ability to select variable volumes without generating waste.
  • Utilizes Tekmar’s proven carousel drive capable of holding 80-vials for optimal throughput therefore reducing downtime.
  • While priced competitively, this system offers unique features that cannot be found on other sample prep systems on the market today.

Teledyne Tekmar’s Torch Combustion Total Organic Carbon (TOC) / Total Nitrogen (TN) Analyzer includes the following features:

  • ​Utilizes a patent pending Static Pressure Concentration (SPC) for the analysis of TOC/TN using high temperature combustion.
  • Contains a built in Autosampler with three vial rack choices and PC driven control. This features automated calibration and Intellidilution which automatically dilutes over-range samples to within the working calibration range.
  • Maintenance is simplified by design allowing easy access to all areas of the unit.
  • Competitive price positioning makes this system ideal in keeping costs down and maintaining productivity in the laboratory.

"With each new innovation, we take into consideration the feedback and needs of our customers," added Fulmer. "The Atomx and Torch were designed with our customers in mind, and built with our commitment to be reliable, high quality, and efficient in today’s laboratories."​

About Teledyne Tekmar:

Teledyne Tekmar is a leader in the design and manufacturing of analytical instrumentation for the laboratory. Tekmar provides productivity-enhancing instrumentation and solutions to a number of industries including Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Wastewater, Food and Beverage, Forensics and Toxicology, Petrochemical, Industrial/Chemical and Polymers/Plastics. 

Their world-renowned Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) product line includes systems for Gas Chromatography (GC) Sample Introduction, High-Throughput Purge and Trap sample concentration, Sample Automation, and Static and Dynamic Headspace analysis. 

Teledyne Tekmar’s line of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Nitrogen (TN) Analyzers provides unparalleled accuracy, precision, throughput and robustness for water samples varying in quality from semiconductor-grade to municipal wastewater. All of our pharmaceutical instruments have available 21 CFR Part 11 software tools for your compliance needs, as well as validation documentation, services and training. 

For more information on Teledyne Tekmar, visit or call 513-229-7000 / 800-874-2004. ​