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​TACS University e-Learning Webinar Series

We are excited to announce Teledyne Advanced Chemistry Systems (TACS) University, our new online webinar series. TACS University brings together ideas and education from across our family of brands and presents them to you to help meet your needs in the lab.

Over the next several weeks, our group of companies - CETAC, Tekmar, Leeman Labs and Hastings - will be presenting several webinars that may be of interest to you.  

Below is a list of topics we will be covering.  Be sure to look it over and sign up for any sessions you find interesting.  Click on the individual webinar link to learn more and register.

Upcoming Webinar

Choosin​g your GC Column Part 3: Purge and Trap Troubleshooting​

Choose your GC Column PT Volatiles Part 3_Webinar.jpgWednesday / November 16

8:00AM EST/ 2:00PM EST / 9:00PM EST

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Join us for this complimentary webinar on Choosing your GC Column Part 3: Troubleshooting. Attendees will learn how to isolate system components, from the autosampler on the purge and trap to the mass spectrometer, in order to resolve common problems that might occur during volatiles analysis.

The webinar will address the following:

  • An overview of Part 1 and 2 of this series and how they relate to troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting from Purge and Trap all the way to the GC column and Mass Spec
  • Troubleshooting topics include determining why compounds have low or no response, why you are seeing ghost peaks and what causes them, contamination, and compound specific problems

This webinar is ideal for anyone working with soil, wastewater, and/or drinking water purge and trap methods, scientists that wish to learn more about purge and trap analysis or about GC column separation, method translation, choosing the correct column for volatiles analysis, and method development. This is also idea for Environmental scientists/technicians, Analytical chemists/technicians, and Laboratory managers.

Chris English, Laboratory Manager for Restek Corporation and Amy Nutter, VOC Technical Product Specialist for Teledyne Tekmar have teamed up to give this webinar.

Information on the presenters: 
Amy Nutter is the VOC Technical Product Specialist at Teledyne Tekmar. Currently, she is focused on applications development and customer application support on the Purge and Trap product line. Previous to her current role, Amy worked for the city of Cincinnati in both the drinking water and wastewater laboratories.

Chris English is the Laboratory Manager at Restek Corporation. He has managed a team of chemists in Restek’s innovations laboratory since 2004. Before taking the reins of the laboratory, he spent seven years as an environmental chemist and was critical to the development of Restek’s current line of volatile GC columns. 


To see a list and watch previously recorded webinars, click the link below.​

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If there is a certain topic you would like to see for an upcoming webinar, please feel free to send us an email (​)  and we will try to accommodate your request.