Our AUTOCan 12 Canister Autosampler is the world’s only freestanding, canister autosampler designed specifically for concentrating VOCs from whole air samples. AUTOCan 12 brings you the features and technology needed to take the effort out of sample handling and preparation - saving you time and improving your productivity. AUTOCan 12 also gives you an easy-to-use software interface on a system that can accommodate up to sixteen samples and provide you with quality chromatographic results.

AUTOCan 12 offers many convenient features designed to make efficient use of your time and space in the laboratory. AUTOCan 12 has a vertical tower design that minimizes floor space needed for the system. The autosampler tower also has an exclusive sample rack system that fully supports the sample canister or bag and allows the user to easily tighten or loosen the canisters using flexible, convenient connection lines. Our one-of-a-kind TekLink software is a user-friendly, Windows program that gives you total control of system configuration, method set-up, and sample scheduling. The software also allows you to automatically leak check the system and check the pressure of sample canisters or Tedlar sample bags.

AUTOCan 12 allows you to use either air sampling canisters or Tedlar bags. The sixteen autosampler positions allow a combination of 6-liter canisters, 15-liter canisters, or sampling bags to be used on the tower. AUTOCan 12 also has three sampling positions for external standards, internal standards, blanks, or surrogates. These positions allow your standards to be analyzed throughout the day for continuing calibration or to monitor the performance of your entire air analysis system. The TekLink software allows you to quickly update your sample sequence and even run each sample using different methods and sampling parameters.