With the AQUATek 70, you can achieve the highest sample throughput on the market. Attain maximum sample capacity and throughput and improve your laboratory’s productivity with 70 sample positions. AQUATek 70 automatically measures the sample from each vial, adds a standard solution, and then transfers it to a Purge and Trap Sample Concentrator for analysis. With AQUATek’s automatic sample volume measurement and automatic standard injections, even when you walk away, you can rest assured that AQUATek 70 is performing.

With Tekmar’s proprietary OptiRinse™ high temperature rinse system, carryover is not a concern. The unique design ensures that water, not water vapor, rinses the system and a dual chamber heating system allows the water temperature to remain high while rinsing the sample pathway efficiently, which reduces blank runs and improves your data quality. In addition, vials in the AQUATek 70 remain stationary. Because the needle moves to the vial, vial jams and drops are virtually eliminated. This method also prevents the particulate layers of ground water samples from being disturbed.

Gain total method control of AQUATek 70 and Sample Concentrator with TekLink software. TekLink provides an efficient and effective way to transform the instruments in your laboratory into an integrated analytical system.​​​