navitas_credit_corp_logo.pngTeledyne is proud to announce that we are now working with Navitas Credit Corporati​on to offer several rental and leasing opportunities. These programs are designed to provide customers with options that ease the acquisition process, making it easier to acquire equipment. 

​​​There are times when a customer needs an instrument but may not be able to purchase direct due to:

  • High Instrument cost

  • Purchase not initially in the yearly budget

  • No capital appropriation

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Navitas Teledyne Brochure.jpg​One optio​n for such a customer is the Capital Lease Option.  This is an ideal solution for customers who need equipment, but do not have the cash to pay for it all at once.  This will allow the customer to pay for the equipment out of future revenue or cost savings that that the equipment generates.

Under this program, the customer can make fixed payments for 24-60 months.  Other features of this program include:

Pay-As-You-Go with modest initial cash outlay

  • Title transfer occurs at the end of the lease

  • $1.00 Buyout Option – Lease To Own!

  • Fast & Easy application & approval process

Another option available is the Operating Rental Program.   This is ideal for the customer who has no capital budget available, or they are waiting for budget approval.  Benefits of this program include:
  • Rental Payments paid out of an expense budget (vs. capital budget)

  • Fixed Payments for 12-36 months

  • Purchase Option with Cost Certainty

  • Credit approval is fast and easy,​ often D&B alone

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​​Navitas Credit Corporation has over 20 years of experience in offering viable financial solutions to the laboratory industry.  Their staff is dedicated to providing fast and courteous service as they help to grow their customers'  business.  Teledyne will work closely with Navitas to ensure a smooth process in meeting the financial needs of all our customers. ​​